Some businesses still don’t have social media profiles set up in 2020. With the billions of people that use social platforms like Facebook and Instagram each day, this is a huge mistake. Simply having the platforms set up isn’t enough, though. You need to make sure you’re using the platforms as part of your marketing mix.

Should You Get A Social Media Manager? 

Social media can take a lot of time and energy to handle, which is why many businesses do simply set up a few profiles then check and update them ‘when they have time’. However, rather than seeing them as a separate entity, each and every business should now be viewing social media as a crucial part of their marketing mix. There should be no ‘when you have time’. Social media is something that should be checked each day, and posts should even be scheduled in advance to ensure that you are targeting the right audience for each platform and that you’ll get the most interactions. There are all kinds of apps and software to help you to do this – but if you still can’t manage, then a social media manager may be the best option.

A social media manager will handle every aspect of social media, making sure posts are sent at the right time, each platform is uniquely tailored for, and that no customer or potential customer is ever left waiting for a reply. Rather than spread yourself or an existing employee too thin, this could be a good idea.

Social Media: An Important Part of Your Marketing Entity 2020 

Digital marketing has always been about SEO, PPC and similar marketing strategies that can get both paid and organic results. Social media can be used in a way that is also both paid and organic. Play the long game and you’ll build a following, widen your reach, and be able to spread your message. Pay for social media ads, and providing you know who you’re trying to reach, you could get results instantaneously.

Better Customer Service 

People don’t want to talk on the phone anymore. We live in a world where we expect answers in an instant. This is just one reason social media can be so beneficial. Rather than calling up a helpline, spending ages on hold, and having to talk to somebody (which many people do not like or have time for), or even sending an email, a social media comment or message can get a reply much faster. Not only can social media be a wonderful marketing tool, but a customer service tool, too. You can use your social media platforms to answer questions, provide how-to guides and tutorials, and emphasize your content marketing strategy further.

A huge portion of companies actually leave their customer’s questions unanswered. This makes it look like they don’t care, and slowly, the customer’s trust will be eroded. In this day and age, having a social media profile isn’t enough. It should be regularly updated to ensure you’re staying ahead of the competition and keeping your followers happy!