•1 billion+ people on Facebook.

•3.2 billion+ posts are liked and commented on daily.

•31 million + active users in the UK

•50%+ of users return daily.

Startups are using Facebook to grow Facebook has proved to be an essential platform for small businesses to connect and grow their audience and customer base. We can build your business a Facebook-shop for direct purchases through your Fan Page. You can then post discounts or ‘Facebook Offers’ on your Facebook Page which will appear on the news feed of everyone who ‘likes’ your Page.

• The English Cheesecake Company did this and now 30% of their sales come through Facebook

• The Roe Park Resort posted a Facebook Offer and reached over 2 million people. Over 71,000 offers were claimed and they grew their fanbase by 3,000 in 10 days, generating £5,000.

Facebook’s 4 Steps to Success

STEP 1 – Build Your Facebook Page

Everything Starts with your Page. Complete your Page to represent your business by following these 4 steps.

  1. Set your cover & profile picture: Post pictures and information that express your business.
  2. Add milestones & key moments: Highlight important dates and key events for your business.
  3. Get existing customers to Like your Page: Invite customers, friends, & email contacts, and choose a web address.
  4. Create your first post: Add photos, videos, and company or product updates. Connect the online and offline worlds. Tell in-store customers about your Page. Invite friends, family, and key customers. Create a personalized link and market it.

STEP 2 – Connect To People With Ads

The power of Facebook Ads: Connect with more potential customers using targeted Facebook Ads

  •  Each connection has on average 130 friends.
  • Create Page like ads to increase your likes, by including valuable benefits and calls to action e.g. “Like us to get exclusive sales”.
  • Reach a large audience with well-targeted ad campaigns.
  • Grow the right audience so your posts can be seen by more relevant people in the news feed. Explore the targeting options, which are demographic, personal and social interests.

Step 3 – Engage Your Audience With Quality Content

Create high-quality content to engage your audience:

Develop your posting strategy:

  • Post regularly, at least 1-2 x per week.
  • Create a content calendar and schedule your posts.
  • Understand your audience and Page engagement with Page Insights.
  • Promote your posts to increase your reach and engagement in news feed.
  • Download the Pages Manager app on Android or iPhone to post updates via mobile.

Promoted Posts – Reach more people with your posts in news feed.

Use promoted posts to…

  • Increase engagement: Show an engaging post to more of your audience, and increase interactions with your Page.
  • Drive traffic and sales: Showcase specials or discounts to your audience and drive sales in your store or on your site.
  • Spread the news: Increase the reach of posts about new products, events or important updates to drive word of mouth awareness for your business.

Facebook Offers: Attract customers with a promotion they can claim and share Offers key benefits:

  • Drive Sales: Offers drive sales to both current and new customers.
  • Virality: Offers are highly viral due to a special news feed story that tells people when their friends claim it.
  • Measurability: Offers drive measurable sales and include optional features such as barcodes and unique codes.

Step 4 – Influence The Friends of Your Fans

Sponsored Stories encourage word of mouth marketing about your business at scale:

  • Sponsored stories allow you to promote messages coming from friends about them engaging with your business.
  • Create Page like sponsored stories to get more likes and spread the word about your business to friends of fans.
  • Encourage people to interact with your Page: Create sponsored stories to boost word of mouth promotion.

Drive organic engagement by:

  • Encouraging people to check-in.
  • Asking questions and encourage engagement.
  • Sharing exclusive information and offers that people will want to pass along to their friends.

Use Insights tools to refine your approach Discover who is connecting with your business by age, gender, and location. See who is talking about your business in the past month. Learn what content is most interesting and engaging.

If you need any help with your social media or online marketing Book a meeting with Ben and he will get in contact with you to help!