You’ve got the right content on your site, worked hard on your meta tags and descriptions, have your keywords liberally splashed across the pages and you’re ready to go. Businesses often put the effort in to set up a website but ignore one of the most potentially powerful tools in their marketing armoury. A well-written blog can not only drive traffic to your site, it can set you up as a respected and trusted expert in your industry.

1. Drive Traffic to Your Site

Search engines like Google love new content. If your website is a static entity, one way to improve this is to add a regularly updated blog. You can include keywords and other SEO tricks such as optimised images to improve the visibility of your site with search engines. Do it well and you drive more traffic to your site. The good news is that a well-compiled blog can help deliver relevant traffic not only in an immediate sense but for months and years to come afterwards.

2. Create a Conversation

Putting the right blog posts up on your site can bring new customers to your site but also get them leaving comments and starting a conversation. Your website goes from something that people just look at, to a community where they want to engage. It can lead to consumers bookmarking your site and returning at regular intervals.

3. Establish Authority

Whether you run a service such as legal advice or accountancy or have an eCommerce site selling products, gaining the trust of your potential customers and clients is vital. A blog can help you to do just that, allowing you to share your expertise and show that you know what you are talking about, even setting yourself up as thought leader in your industry. Authority is important in the online world and a blog can help you to establish it. At the end of the day, people buy from people and they are more likely to use your service or purchase your product if they trust what you have to say.

4. Blogs and Social Media, the Perfect Match

Most businesses nowadays engage on social media. Having a blog allows you to post something different on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and drive more traffic to your site. Rather than sending your followers to product links, you can ease them into your site through your blog, providing free and interesting content that gets them engaged and more likely to return, hire your services or buy your products.

5. Build Your Email List

If people like what you write on your blog, they might want to be kept informed of your future posts. This is a great opportunity to build your email list by including the chance to join your mailing list. The next time you have a big marketing push you can then send these individuals your advertising, sure in the knowledge that they are actually interested in your product or service.

There’s no doubt that including a well-written blog on your site can have huge benefits.

Our top tips for getting it right are:

• Post quality content. Post it regularly. Much will depend on your industry area but getting that balance between quality and quantity is key to success.

• Have a blog list for the next six months or so with publishing dates so you aren’t constantly looking for ideas.
• Don’t be afraid to mix up your content by using images, infographics and videos.

• Include keywords that match your product and industry to attract more relevant visitors.

• Tie your blog posts into your social media presence and give visitors the chance to share your posts when they have read them.

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