Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Find out all about the digital trends for 2021, and how your businesses can use them.

US elections and Covid-19 have made 2020 one heck of a year for businesses. Indeed, events have necessitated a greater online presence for many different kinds of business, from fashion to food. Of course, this means that companies are even more keen to stay on top of digital marketing trends and maintain their competitive edge. The good news is you can discover all the most valuable trends for the coming year (2021) and how your business can make the best use of them in the article below. 

More automation

Providing the best customer experience is the name of the game regarding the trend of increased automation. Indeed, it’s not just automation for its own sake here. Instead, you can expect various benefits, including better lead management, which will allow you to provide the very best experience for every customer. 

Shoppable posts 

The next crucial digital marketing trend of 2021 is the shoppable post on social media. The significant advantage of shoppable posts to your business is that they shorten the customer journey from seeing something that appeals to them to make a purchase. 

Indeed, shoppable posts harness all the influencer power of social media without encountering any of the loss of momentum caused by having to click away and find the brand and product online – Something that has the potential to increase sales and reduce customer attrition vastly. 

More voice search 

More and more people are using voice interaction on their mobile devices and smart home systems, so it makes sense to phrase things in a way that can directly answer these queries. Otherwise, your business will be ignoring a significant part of the market. The good news is that you can optimise your SEO for voice searches fairly easily. A topic you can learn more about in the video below. 

More mobile search

Mobile optimisation will continue to be a significant trend in digital marketing in 2021. The reason for this is not only that it caters to the rise in searches made on mobile devices globally, but it also helps rank your business better with Google’s SEO

With that in mind, your business needs a page that has larger font sizes, fast loading time, and doesn’t have any flash animations, which are frequently not accessible on mobile devices. 

Non-linear customer journeys

In 2021 the trend towards customers reaching out to your business via various touchpoints will continue. That means no one will be taking a single route to your company online anymore, and companies will need to adapt to this if they are to thrive. 

With this in mind, your business needs to optimise the journey that you offer to customers from a multi-touchpoint perspective. 

Final thoughts 

For businesses to stay relevant and to thrive in the post-pandemic new normal, keeping up with and utilising digital marketing trends will be essential. 

With that in mind, be sure that your company recognises the importance of, and is preparing to use more digital marketing tactics like automation, non-linear customer journeys, voice search, shoppable posts, and optimising for more mobile searches in 2021.