Four apps that will help your business

If you are a big or small business and want to reach more customers and earn more profit, you may want to use digital marketing to promote your products or services. Utilising digital marketing will help increase your brand’s awareness and expand your customer base. Online content marketing such as social media adverts and emails help target audiences anywhere at any time. 

To manage these digital content marketing strategies can be overwhelming and time-consuming. So, having the help of an application can help you manage your tasks, time, and goals. Here are four apps that can help any business. 


Asana can help you create a virtual workspace for those who regularly collaborate on projects or need to send a client work online. A virtual workspace allows people to collaborate on a project around the clock. Your business can invite colleagues or clients to a workspace, where they can work on a project. Teams can create projects, assign work to teammates, specify deadlines, and communicate about tasks directly in Asana. Thus, the app can help your business build better team collaboration and work management. 

Facebook Business Manager

Businesses can now advertise their products and services online through social media ads. The most effective and popular platform to promote a business is Facebook. Not only are there millions of people worldwide using the platform, giving you access to a massive number of people. But, the Facebook Business Manager app helps businesses manage their marketing efforts. Businesses can run their ads, see the engagement, and monitor them at all times through the application.

Google Calendar 

To improve your business’s time management and organisation, Google Calendar can help schedule events, see colleagues’ availability, and create reminders. The app can help combat schedule conflict, as employees can have direct access to an organised schedule of their own and see their colleague’s schedules. Teams can share calendars and create invitations to help organise the business and manage time better.


All businesses require meetings, whether that be with internal or external individuals. An app like Otter helps to improve meetings. Otter can record and transcribe meetings, which means

, which means you can look back at the notes and conversation. This means you will no longer forget essential parts of the meeting and analyze the conversation. 

Otter listens to your voice conversations and generates “smart notes.” These notes are accurate, machine-generated text that is synchronized with audio and enriched with speakers tags and summary keywords. The app can help you save time and increase focus. Meetings often require constant note-taking, which reduces human-to-human connection—a lack of connection results in less engagement and scattered focus. With automatic meeting recording and transcription, you get the best of both worlds. Your entire team (even members not present) can get a complete recording and transcript of the meeting. Note-taking isn’t necessary.