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Sales & Marketing – What Is The Difference?

Upon first reflection, the difference between sales and marketing seems immediately clear. Sales encompasses the persuasive activities designed to convince the prospective customer to exchange their money for goods and/or services. And marketing is … the same? Well not exactly. Where the sales function is exclusively the selling of goods and services, the marketing function […]

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Communication In Today’s Climate

The Coronavirus has had an undeniably major impact on people’s lives over the last few months. The vast majority of us have been following the government’s instructions; isolating ourselves, and keeping to the social distancing rules. These behavioral changes have had an obvious impact on our communication and the maintenance of relationships with people who […]

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A Productive Rant About Social Media

Some businesses still don’t have social media profiles set up in 2020. With the billions of people that use social platforms like Facebook and Instagram each day, this is a huge mistake. Simply having the platforms set up isn’t enough, though. You need to make sure you’re using the platforms as part of your marketing […]

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What are FB ads

Facebook ads are adverts that you can place on the popular social network to promote your products, services and brand. Facebook ads can appear in several locations on the network’s desktop and mobile interfaces. First, there are ads that businesses can insert into the user’s News Feed on desktop – the traditional ads that dominated […]

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25 Surprising Facts About Social Media

More people make social media accounts each day, but not all platforms are created equal. Some of the facts here might just surprise you – read on and you’re bound to learn something new… 1. For context, as of Dec 2019, the total worldwide population is 7.8 billion. The internet has 4.54 billion users. There […]

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Social Media in a positive way during a crisis

Social media can be both good and bad at a time like this. For many it can be an important way to connect with the people close to them when they can’t be with them in person, however, it can also be a place of scaremongering, comparisons, and other types of negativity.  Social media has […]

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Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Facebook Ads Than You Might Think

Facebook isn’t so much a social network as a data collection machine, hell-bent on finding out as much about its users as possible and feeding it to advertisers. For people like you, that’s good news. You get unprecedented insight into your target market, allowing you to identify only the most promising prospects. Currently, though, there’s […]