Ten years ago, if you’d mentioned SEO to the average business owner, they would probably be left wondering what the hell you were talking about. Nowadays, though, every company needs to be a lot more tech-savvy with their marketing efforts if they want to succeed. That’s not to say that this more complex technology is a bad thing, though- in fact, it’s opened up a world of opportunities for businesses to achieve even greater results with their digital marketing. Let’s explore some of the ways that things have changed in the past decade and the benefits that they can bring to you when used in the right way.

Social Media is King

Back in 2004, Facebook was only just starting to take off. Nowadays, with over a billion active users, it’s safe to say that Facebook has come to dominate not just social media, but the entire internet. Over the same period, Twitter has also grown into an online behemoth, and both of these sites now offer massive potential to businesses. Along with the rise of LinkedIn and Instagram, businesses have a wide array of platforms to advertise and communicate with their customers. Social Media platforms allow you to interact with your customers in real-time and are a great way of carrying out targeted marketing campaigns that can bring incredible results. The rise of social media, and the amount of options out there nowadays, also give you more ways than ever to reach your audience- we’re living in a multi-channel world, so make sure your marketing reflects that reality.


Google was already implementing tools like AdWords back in 2000, but it’s only in the last decade or so that they have turned marketing on its head with their advanced ranking algorithms. They originally rolled these out back in 2004, as a way of stopping people from “cramming” keywords. By taking a more organic approach to search rankings, users are presented with more relevant results- which led to a whole new marketing industry based around keeping up with those algorithms. Search engine optimization, or SEO, has become a cornerstone of digital marketing, and those who don’t use it to its full potential are only going to end up getting left behind.

Advertising is Less Aggressive

Before the internet became such a big deal, a lot of advertisers had no choice but to be extremely aggressive in their marketing. After all, with only a very limited amount of time to grab would-be customers’ attention, and no way of knowing who they were reaching, ads couldn’t be as sophisticated as they are today. Nowadays, though, digital marketing can be used to select an incredibly precise target audience, and crafted around that audience. It’s all about creating content that is genuinely engaging, and since social media allows consumers to talk back to advertisers, things are more interactive than ever. Viral marketing is a great way of building a buzz around your brand, and word of mouth is key to success. In short, the digital era has opened up a whole new world of possibilities- it’s up to businesses to decide which of those possibilities will work best for them.

The Rise of Analytics

Possibly the most important development in digital marketing over the last ten years is the sheer amount of data available to businesses. Analytics let you see exactly what you’re achieving with each campaign, so you can determine your ROI with crystal-clear accuracy. That means you can test a specific ad to see if it gets results before you cough up a large amount of money to roll out the full campaign. This allows advertisers to constantly tweak their message and delivery methods until they’ve found the perfect balance, so it’s easier than ever to come up with the ideal marketing content.

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