There is no denying that blogs are excellent tools to have at your disposal when it comes to marketing. They allow you to talk about all kinds of subjects and reach your target audience. But, the sad truth is many businesses don’t know what to write about when they blog!

As you can imagine, a one-paragraph blog post doesn’t cut the mustard. Your visitors will only read your content if it’s interesting to them. So, with those thoughts in mind, what should you be writing? And how should you be putting across that content in your blog posts?

Whether you’re new to blogging or have set up a blog some time ago, this guide is for you. If you want to improve your content marketing, here is what you need to know:

Start with a compelling title

The title of your blog post is the thing that hooks your reader. Your target audience will likely be searching for a specific keyword on Google. As you know, the search engine results pages list page titles and a brief description.
You must use compelling titles for your blog posts that have your primary keyword. But remember to make your titles human-friendly and captivating at the same time!

Write a well-crafted summary

The summary is what you use to convince your visitor to read the rest of your blog post. You use that summary text to reel them in after you’ve hooked them with your snappy title. You know the description that appears under page titles in search results pages? Sites like Google often pick up the first paragraph or so of text from a page to use as a description.

One thing you might be aware of in digital marketing is the use of meta tags in HTML. There’s a tag called “description”, and many people use that for search engine summaries.

If you write decent summaries that include your target keywords, you can use that text for your meta tag as well. Combined, both methods will help boost your content in search engines.

Make your main content clear and engaging

So far, so good! Your blog visitor got convinced to carry on reading your post. Now you need to keep them there and not have them think your post was a waste of their time. After all; you want them to remember what you’ve said and share links to your content!

There is no automatic process that helps you churn out content that is clear and engaging. You need to use your initiative, experience, and writing skills to make your content engaging.

No-one can tell you what to write about, of course. But, there are some pointers you can follow to structure your content in an organised manner:

Wrap up and add a call to action

Last, but not least, you need to round off your post. It could be in the form of a conclusion, your final thoughts, whatever you want! But, it’s essential to add a “call to action” for the outro of your content.
In a nutshell, your call to action is the thing you want your visitor to do. It might be to email or call you, fill in a form, or even share the post with others.

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