The first social media site was launched in 1997. It was known as Six Degrees and it’s true to say that we have come quite a distance since then. Here are some of the ways social media has reshaped the world.

Communication And Social Interactions

Social media has certainly had a profound impact on how we engage and interact with people on a personal level. Perhaps the best example of this is dating. In the past, dating involved meeting people somewhere in the real world. Perhaps, you would ask a girl if you could buy her a drink or maybe you would smile at someone in an elevator? But times have changed and today, it’s far more likely for a meet to begin on Tinder or even a form of social media like Instagram. It could start with a follow and this may perhaps lead to a date in person, but peculiarly online dates are also an option many people choose. This includes video calls and it’s not just dating. We interact with everyone from family to friends on social media, perhaps more than we do in the real world.

Business Interactions

Business interactions have also changed dramatically. When you apply for a job, employers now will regularly search for your social media presence. They will be exploring two factors. First, they will want to check whether there is anything problematic lurking in the background that needs to either be dealt with or avoided. Second, they need to make sure that you are active on social media. Today a strong presence on social media is associated with good social skills and a strong ability to engage with an audience.

Customer – Business relationships

One of the key strengths or benefits of social media is that it has given a voice to groups that have often been ignored in society. It has also shifted the paradigm of power that used to exist between the buyers and the sellers. Today, if there is a poor service offered by a company or a low-quality product, it’s easy for customers to voice their disappointment or annoyance, garner attention and take action. It has also lead to customers wanting a deeper relationship with the businesses they buy from. They want them to engage, interact and see the personality behind the brand.

Decline In Face To Face Interactions

Due to a new focus on social media, there has certainly been a decline in face to face interactions. In the business environment, to complain, a customer would usually need to speak to an employee. These days, that step is missed completely. Instead, a customer is far more likely to post a negative review online or perhaps create a thread on a social network like Twitter.

More Connected

Despite the seemingly negative impact of social media, it’s true to say that it has made the world more connected than ever. You can connect, interact and engage with people all over the world. You can seek out people with shared interests, expertise or unique points of view. It has helped create a discourse between different cultures and societies, even changing how we receive updates about the world we live in today.

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