Social media can be both good and bad at a time like this. For many it can be an important way to connect with the people close to them when they can’t be with them in person, however, it can also be a place of scaremongering, comparisons, and other types of negativity.

Social media has been linked to things like anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues over recent years, and it’s true that it can cause many physical and psychological issues if not used safely. At times like these especially, social media can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Being mindful of how and when you use social media is key to staying positive during a crisis. If we stop being mindful, then social media can easily become a place of doom and gloom. You should never become passive in your use of social media. Active, positive engagement with social media can be an empowering experience in an anxious time. You may even find ways to boost feelings of self-worth, creativity and a sense of personal agency.
Talk About Something Else

See if you can strike up a conversation about something non-pandemic related. Be curious about others thoughts about books, films, and other forms of art. Start discussions that promote learning opportunities on topics you feel passionate about.

Celebrate Your Achievements 

Share things you’re doing well with others. Provide value with painting tips, decluttering tips , and interesting information that other people can use. You can also share when you’re not doing so well – this will help you to remain authentic. Life is not all smiles and rainbows.

Participate In Group Activities Online

There are so many free group activities online you can take. Art classes, exercise classes, and other kinds of lessons are available in abundance. You could even try watching a film at the same time as others (Netflix Party). Then, there are meditations and simple coffee mornings.

Set Time Limits

You don’t always need to be connected, so set yourself time limits for social media use. This is especially important if you always feel like you’re anxiously waiting for the next breaking news story to drop. Don’t feel under pressure to post even when you’re not feeling great, and hold yourself accountable to your self imposed time limits. If you can’t trust yourself, try a social media blocking app, and limit the news you consume.

Turn Off Notifications

You don’t need to know everything there is to know about the pandemic, or your friends, for that matter. Turn off your notifications and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour. You’ll be tempted to check your phone far less and should be able to come up with fun stuff to do instead.

Take A Social Media Holiday

You could use this time to take a social media holiday. Focus on yourself, your passions, your hobbies, and your health.

Limit Use Before Bed And In The Morning 

The worst times to check social media are before bed and in the morning. Checking before bed can leave you awake into the early hours, and checking first thing sets the tone for the rest of the day. Be smart about when you check your timelines.