Facebook isn’t so much a social network as a data collection machine, hell-bent on finding out as much about its users as possible and feeding it to advertisers. For people like you, that’s good news. You get unprecedented insight into your target market, allowing you to identify only the most promising prospects.

Currently, though, there’s a view that succeeding with digital marketing on Facebook is complicated. It’s competitive, the prices are high, and everyone is doing it. The average company doesn’t stand a chance – or so the story goes.

But, in truth, anyone can succeed on Facebook. If they couldn’t, then Mark Zuckerberg’s business model would have failed, and we’d all be using MySpace right now.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how to get the most out of the social media giant’s self-service advertising and content marketing.

Test Your Ads Regularly

A lot of companies will create an ad, publish it, and hope for the best. But putting your content out and failing to test it adequately is a big no-no.

Very few firms shove content onto the platform and then wait for it to succeed. Most test their campaigns, tinker with them, and explore what works and what doesn’t. Remember, Facebook ads aren’t a one-time thing. You can change the format, length, text, colours and videos you use to communicate with your customers whenever you like.

Create Ads That Stand Out

In advertising, it is always important to look for “the hook” – that little thing that is going to pique your customers’ interest. The best hooks are those that immediately promise a solution to a nagging problem.

Here are some examples:

“Sick of ingrown toenails? Then you need medicated gauze.”

“Want to win more customers? Our product helps you find them for free.”

“Second-hand cars with full-service and warranty. Get peace of mind.”

Ideally, you want attractive images or videos to back up your text and drive the point home. So in the case of the ingrown toenail example, you could include a picture of the treatment that you offer and how it eliminates pain.

Create Ads That Speak To Your Audience

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform because it gives you as much information as you could ever want about your target audience. Tools in the Ads Manager provide you with demographic details, user tastes and preferences, and even their geographical location.

Let’s say, for instance, that you sell second-hand cars. In that case, you probably want to target your ads to people over the age of 20 who have average incomes and must travel to work.

Also, if you segment your products, you can target different demographics and adjust your advertising accordingly. For instance, if you operate a car dealership, you could market convertible cars to women and muscle cars to men.

So, in summary, the fact that Facebook gives you so much information about your customer base is the main reason why it is so easy to succeed. Plus, it helps if you create compelling ads that speak to your audience.