Digital Marketing has grown dramatically over the past five years, which has meant big things in terms of worldwide growth. Nearly every business today has some type of digital presence which is capable of really assisting in business growth and generating sales; but is it set to slow down or will it continue to thrive for another decade?

We can already access e-commerce sites at the tap of a button, and digital marketing can reach millions via email marketing and of course the most powerful tool of all, social media. Trends are likely to shift, as with anything but there seems to be a need for a better customer shopping experience which means that e-commerce sites and businesses may well push forward this decade with giving a better user experience and improve the glitches that are occurring now.

New Services To Reach The Consumer

There is an abundance of new technology that has come to the market in recent years, including voice control. Today we have access to some of the most advanced, which include: Siri, Cortana, Amazon Echo and Google Home. This smart technology has begun to overtake the industry and this is largely down to the way they can help promote brands and their services which can help improve business. As this technology advances it will be able to give the user a much better shopping experience. Customers are more likely to come back again as a result of the efficient service received via these voice control services. It caters to an individual’s shopping needs and it is an incredibly modern setup.

Live video and video technology are still growing, with people increasingly utilising online communication methods which offer a more face to face experience. Live videos have been increasing in popularity for many years and are widely used within the modern media landscape. Video offers instant information and brands are able to show off and give information about their products and services. Utilising these videos for live demonstrations of products has proven to be successful in the industry.

With the launch of live streaming on platforms like YouTube and on Instagram, it is easier than ever to connect to an audience. It may still be young but it shows no signs of slowing. Online chatbots are also becoming a new way to communicate with businesses. Providing a convenient platform for communication. One of the main reasons that digital marketing shows no signs of declining. It is easy, accessible, measurable and cuts out of a lot of marketing costs that have previously increased budgets, such as flyers, phone marketing and advertisements.

More and more people are buying phones, laptops and are becoming better connected, there is certainly no peak in sight yet for digital marketing. Companies prefer online platforms because they are so much more convenient and effective in gaining market research and customer progress; they can keep in touch easier which means that it’s a no brainer in terms of marketing. It’s a slow burner and with no decline.