The Importance of Being Consistent

In digital marketing, consistency is everything. How many times have you thought that there is so much information out there that you do not know what to think? With the wide variety of social media messaging providing every single opinion for us, we can have trouble processing everything. Suffice to say, we suffer from information overload in the modern age. And while this is an overused message, we must remember that when it comes to sending the right message out to clients, consistency is key. We don’t want to bombard people with too much information, so we have to find ways to be memorable. How can we do this?

Clear and Concise Communication 

We have to keep it simple. If we are trying to communicate with an audience, we must present clear and concise information in a fashion that is not overwhelming. If we disguise the message, or we blindside individuals with facts and figures, it is easy to run the risk of potential information overload. Stick to the “less is more” protocol, and you won’t go far wrong.

Refining Your Message 

We must remember that when we are communicating, that it’s not just about getting the message across and hammering at home, but about making sure we learn the art of refining along the way. Refining our messaging isn’t just beneficial for us as we learn to improve, but it gives us a better picture of the people we should be promoting our products to. You need to go back and revisit your target audience and see if the message still suits them. When you go back, you may find that you need to refresh your research, and refresh a whole lot of things. For example, the message may not be relevant anymore, or the message is right but communicated wrong. If your target market is nailed down with spikes, but the market has moved on, you have to change with it. We do this by understanding the demographic. This could be through the products they buy, the language they use, or the platforms that they frequent. Once you’ve learned where you need to go, you need to narrow your focus even further. 

Repeat the Message 

Once you define a successful message, the most important thing that you can do is repeat it. There is no point in you using it once in a while. A clear and consistent message needs to be repeated at every opportunity. You may very well be sick of the message, and think that it’s time to shake things up. But when you hit the right target audience, they are bigger than you and your team. Using your message at every single opportunity and repeating it using the salient points is about defining your message, and making sure that once you’ve defined it, you refine it, and repeat it. 

Consistent communication of your message is about preparation. We need to rehearse the message, and in life, like in marketing, the importance of repetition solidifies the message.