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The Importance of an Online Presence

So, why has an online presence suddenly become vital for the success of a business? Mintel suggests that the social network market is approaching market saturation which in itself has many threats but for us creates many opportunities. With…
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How to Engage on Social Media

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, engaging on social media is more than just posting details of your latest product and hoping people will visit your site. The businesses that succeed on social media are the ones who engage at a…
Facebook: Building Essential Connections

Facebook: Building Essential Connections

GROWING YOUR BUSINESS IN A CONNECTED WORLD Stats •1 billion+ people on Facebook. •3.2 billion+ posts are liked and commented on daily. •31 million + active users in the UK •50%+ of users return daily. Start ups are using Facebook…
Change your Approach to online marketing!
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Change your Approach to online marketing!

We speak to and deal with lots of small businesses over the course of a twelve month period and one thing that has become clear is the lack of a coherent and cohesive strategy. This is often not the fault of the small business owner as they…
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Social Media Marketing

There are many social media sites, including the ones you likely already know about: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Before you start creating content for your content marketing strategy to syndicate across social media channels, you should…
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How to Get Targeted Twitter Followers

Rather than just waiting for Twitter followers (people who follow what you post) you can be pro-active in building up a large following over time. There are several methods (some of them sneaky) to gain a local, national or international following…
Why Outsource your social media
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Why You Should Outsource?

Outsourcing your social media to us will ensure you have a professionally managed social media campaign at a great price point that should deliver you a solid return on investment. Why should I use your Twitter or Facebook service when I could…